ADHD – Not a Real Psychological Issue?

During the 1950s and 60s the understanding was that children who were restless and hyper, children who would take off and climb on furnishings and were high in activeness were called hyperactive children. However it has been some peoples opinion that ADHD is not a real problem, that it is something made up therefore it cannot be caused by anything. What was thought to be an issue to some it is really just a considered to be a societal problem of people being bored and also the lack of good education and etc.

Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D. who wrote Immunize Your Children Against Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) believes ADHD is a bogus issue and he is an adversary of the ADHD concept. He states in one of his works that “ADD isn’t an infection, so we can’t make a vaccine and immunize the children. Be forewarned that ADD is not a real disease, but rather a contrived illusion of a disease, a marketplace tool, you can keep your child from contacting it.”

PBS Frontline which is broadcast on television covered the question “Does ADHD exist?” on their program called “Medicating Kids.” Besides reviewing Baughman’s  point of view they look at  Russell Barkley’s opinion, Barkley is a psychiatry research professor.

“But there’s also concern because ADHD is a disorder that appears to violate a very deeply held assumption that laypeople have about children’s behavior. All of us were brought up believing, almost unconsciously, that children’s misbehavior is largely due to the way they’re raised by their parents and the way they’re educated by their teachers. If you wind up with a child who is out of control and disruptive and not obeying, that that has to be a problem with child rearing.” Here it seems that we can assume Russell Barkley a psychiatry research professor believes short attention spans are caused by how children’s parents raise them and nurture them. So for example it may have been that a young boy who was born in the 1960s and acted out and could not concentrate in elementary school was punished (with a ruler or something of that nature) and society at that point most likely looked negatively at his parents whenever he could not sit still and retain information in class. They did not look negatively at the parents genetics but rather the parents nurturing. Maybe society would also assume his teacher did not have the right techniques to manage their classroom.

You can do further reading on the issue of ADHD being real or fictitious by clicking on the below link, the link will take you to the page “DOES ADHD EXIST?” While on the PBS Frontline’s webpage after you have read about the oppositions you can also explore real life personal stories of children and their families, you can read about the medications, the diagnosis and etc.

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